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There is a MacDonald’s that stands near the Ayer Keroh toll booth which is the primary entry point into the Malacca using the North-South Expressway. Although Malacca plays host to some of the most delectable fare in Malaysia, this quarter of Malacca doesn’t have too many gastronomic privileges. However, located next to the Botanical Gardens, Café Botanikal which comprises of some fairly comfortable dining choices. Try them!

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Café Botanikal: This café is situated next to the Botanical Gardens that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and caters for private functions. The eatery’s theme changes each month to reflect upcoming festivities so expect to find some gregarious décor. The best dishes on the menu have to be the fish head curry, nasi lemak and nasi bohari.

Pleasant surrounding from the Recreational Forest just behind it will make your appetite blooming. All menu are available from Malay, Chinese to Western, the experience chef will prepared for you. From Sambal (Chillies Paste), Fish Head Curry, Assam Pedas (Famous Malakkan Menu), Chinese ‘Char’ to Grilled Steak and Nyonya Cendol all you can eat.

Reach this place and enjoy heartiest cuisine and get back with everlasting memories. Have a fun time in Ayer Keroh